Obies Country Store opened in 1945 by Harry Oberholzer as H W Oberholzer & Son. Assisted by his wife Margaret & son Jay. Years later Jay took over the store along with his wife Ruth and daughter Nan. Jay was considered as a Christian Mr. Whipple. When Jay passed away in 1997 & Ruth in 1998 Nan took over full ownership of the store with the assistance of her sister Dee. Currently the store stocks about 200 hand made quilts, 400 wall hangings, 10,000 bolts of fabrics, countless hot pads and of course penny candy. Quilts are all hand made in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish country in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Still operating with the same Christian values the store was founded on. Stop in and browse the aisles, view the quilts displayed from the second floor balcony rail. Be amazed at the assortment of fabrics available included the exclusive "story book fabrics". Huge selection of sports fabric including major league & college teams. Now available online through the help of her brother Kim & his wife Marcia. Stop back often as new products will be added on a regular basis, If you don't see what you want online please ask. We will either add it to the website or email you pictures with availability and pricing. 

Nan Oberholzer

Owner of Obies Country Store in Goodville Pa.


Dee Oberholzer

Sales rep for Needlecraft


Kim & Marcia Oberholzer

Operating Obies Quilts N More online store.


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